Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR) System

It is produced in the evaporator of the secondary steam, compressed by the compressor, the pressure, temperature, enthalpy increases, then the heating chamber to the evaporator using steam as the heating, vaporizing liquid material, and heating the steam itself is condensed into water.
Thus, the original steam to be abandoned has been fully utilized, the recovery of latent heat, but also improves the thermal efficiency, COP up to 10 to 30


lThe heat can make the use of the highest performance (COP=10~30)
lNo cooling water, almost without the use of steam
lSmall temperature / moderate evaporation rate
lShort dead time single-effect operation
lSimple operation and low cost
lCondensate can be put to good use
lDoesn't affect the original manufacturing process or equipment operation